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Bible Quiz: Who is not an Old Testament Character?

Welcome to our interactive journey through the Bible! Are you ready to test your knowledge of biblical characters and challenge yourself with our engaging Print Bible Quiz: Who is not an Old Testament Character? This quiz is designed to deepen your understanding of the Bible’s rich tapestry of characters, distinguishing between those from the Old Testament and others. Dive into questions like, “Is Paul an Old Testament character?” or “Which testament includes Lazarus?” Whether you’re a Bible study enthusiast, a Sunday school teacher, or just curious about biblical figures, this quiz promises an enlightening and enjoyable experience. Brush up on your knowledge of Esau, Moses, Solomon, and many more, as we explore the vast array of personalities that have shaped religious history. Ready for more? Embark on a broader exploration of biblical wisdom and stories with our full range of Bible Quizzes. Each quiz is a gateway to deeper understanding and appreciation of the Bible’s teachings. Let’s continue this journey together!