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Bible Quiz: The Creation

The Bible, the timeless word of God, narrates the awe-inspiring story of the universe’s creation. A saga that spans seven days, it paints a vivid picture of the meticulous process through which everything came into being, from the vast expanse of the firmament to the tiniest living creature. As believers, it’s crucial to know these stories, as they form the bedrock of our faith and understanding of God’s mighty deeds. Presenting the Bible Quiz: The Creation, this quiz invites you to challenge your knowledge and dive deep into the first chapters of Genesis. How well do you remember the order of creation? What did God create on each day? And most importantly, what was His verdict on all He had made? With a mix of easy to challenging questions, this quiz offers a fun way to refresh your memory and reinforce your understanding. Can you beat the average score of 48.79%? Discover more Bible Quizzes